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Marshmallow Squad 6

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The Glorious End to Season One of Marshmallow Squad.
Battosai810 only did the 3d portion of this
the rest is by David Doucette don't steal.
Synopsis: After escaping from Hell in episode 5, blue must
wander the wastes looking for not only his lost comrades
But also HIMSELF. Little does he know he's being hunted
by Magnavox who is searching for a dark secret within marshmallow

About: Unreleased for six months, Marshmallow squad 6 is an action packed tour de' force
featuring state of the art 3d special effects and a riveting original score.

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Hmm... I'm going to need to watch the rest

Well, it's certainly dramatic and loud. There are parts there that need better animation, (What's with the marshmallow with the upside down face?) and while the 3D was good, it didn't really set me up for a massive expression of me being in love with the series (yet) Great work on that part, Battosai!

When it started, I was presented with the poser of "Hmm, those Roman Numerals are wrong" and while I was mulling over that, it all went to shit and the ship had a hole blown in the side of it. Don't these people know what energy shields are?! But I digress. It's probably in there for a reason and the graphically detailed entrail spread, while quite close the the epicentre and not very charred, considering a plummet from orbit was a nice touch.

Perhaps you would consider subtitles for the hard of hearing, since some of the voices were a little difficult to get a handle on and as a result, I was hampered with trying to work out the plot. Granted, some of this was my fault, for entering at episode 6, as opposed to episode 1, but that should be remedied soon, I feel.

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TheL1st responds:

GO GO GO, glad you enjoyed the season finale

Spinning marshmellow


TheL1st responds:

look at him spin indeed

This was lovely

I am going to watch the entire series over again three times and vote 6/5 for each just because of how amazing this was.

Unfortunately I had no speakers today so I couldn't listen to what happened, but that plot summary pretty much explains it so yeah. and the animation was so good i could just tell that the sounds were awesome too. AND OMG AMAZING THE ENDING WAS IN 3D woahh O.O

TheL1st responds:

Glad you continue to enjoy the series to its fullest potential!


For such a big file and great preparation, the animation and story was pretty poor. You need a bit more experience.

TheL1st responds:

it's lasted this long with plenty of favorites and average scores
however I feel like each one is an improvement over the last.

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4.73 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2010
6:06 PM EST