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Author Comments

a thrilling blast to the past in order to save bb10s cat

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it's an epic, animation, YET, i must say:
im white at some spots. the rest are blue.
either way, i loved this. epic, style, nice animation, and a mediocre story.
i hope the idea was fun.
let me suggest u more, if u liked it!
and next time, include epic.camera.pan! lol

sry but no sence

That dude actually makes a point.

OHH the paradox of time travel.

Good surrounding plot

And the character development was phenomenal! That BB10, he sure knows how to write a good script, but the animation is what brought this masterpiece together!


sry but no sence

if they went back on time and stopped the cat from running away they will never look for the time machine so they will never went back on time than the cat will run away so it doesn't make any sense xP but nice try