Orca Fighter

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Play as the Orca from CnC. I tried to give this the best feel possible, but ever since renegade people complain its not like the orcas. Well, give it your shot and try it ;-)



great orca creation!

those orcas looked like real sideviewed orcas alright
say whers the GDI logo?

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Finaly a game that you play as an orca (the best cnc thing ever) the game was great and ran smoothly

I think what you should do is
add a plot (a story line for the pilot, not rewrite the cnc one)
cheakpoints (there might be some i oculdnt get past lvl 2 befor i wrot this...)
have a more detailed consul allowing for more features
-such as different weapons (maby an adv. pilot gets bigger toys)
-killmarks (tally up those deaths!)
-a breifing (agian story)

also add differnt styls of piloting the unit
-the orca is a vtol (verticle take off and landing) assult craft... so it dosnt just go forward
-this could also make room for an exalent 3d maping area... (the grafix u used were already good and 3d)
-this could make it a fun two person with one unit game- a gunner and a driver the pilot would have w a s d movement for forward back and turning and the arrow keys as strafing up soen left and rite and the gunner could use the mouse to sim and click to shoot with the mouse wheel to change the gun

(long first review eh?)

this could likewise add more complicated game features such as ground units and buildings
-defend your base
-hunt the enemies
-n much more

(ok im done thanksfor actuly reading this, and for makin such a good game!) (theres much more i could ask you to try but im not realy bore you with the details and my ideas so thanks again!)

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good but needs more stuff

its good but needs more stuff. like a little bit of 3D, or some missions (cuz just shooting heli's down is boring) and other stuff.
but its cool and i owned CnC renegade and its not bad (you're flash not the game) i think you should make more, really, i'm not kidding!


I LOVE Orcas! They'er super cool!


good good good

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2.99 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2002
9:15 PM EDT
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