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Icons Ep 6 (finale)

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Wow it's done. If i could only explain just how daunting this episode has been. just the fact that it took this long to get out should explain itself. needless to say, any and everything that could postpone this ...did. but after 3 years its FINALY done!

In this episode we find out what is in the massive hole located in the front yard. Meanwhile cuba and the cat relax in the comfort and filth of the what seems abandoned house.

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Great show, as always.

Hah! I get it! Mechanicalruin's review, that is; he/she said "vote five (the word "vote" could be interpreted either as the vote system that goes from 0-5 or the rating system that goes from 0-10, but in his/her attempt to be witty, he/she forgot to notice the clearly marked "vote" on the left hand side of the page, and the clearly marked "rating" for which he/she scored a 5) and right a review ("right", as in "correct" a review, not to actually "write" one)". Get it? Well played. Of course, as mentioned earlier, you did miss the distinction between the "vote" and "rating" feature.

Now, based on the animation itself. I enjoyed it, as I have all of the Icons videos. But, when compared to previous titles, this one seems a little... lacking. Still a great video, but the witty humor just wasn't in it this time. I hope the "finale" in the title doesn't mean that this is the last Icons video we can hope to see. I'm really hoping to see a seventh episode some day. At any rate, good luck with your endeavors, Treeman; here's hoping to see your work again.


idk what that person below is talking about but it was good flash so we dont need smart ppl with no sense of humor here! anyways you get 5/5 10/10 :P

Vote 5 and Right a Review

I was sent this link and told to "vote 5 or right a review ."
That shouldn't be too difficult.
Vote 5: check!
Right a review: The review I've chosen to right today is by DarkDestiny15. While eloquently written, there are several errors that can be righted.

Firstly, in the English language, we have capital letters and lowercase ones to signify proper nouns and general sentence structure. For example, we capitalize the first letter of a sentence, regardless of its word type. The word "flash" is not normally capitalized, as it is typically used as a verb. In the sentence in which it appears, however, "Flash" refers to a proper noun, which in this case, is a registered trademark of Adobe.
Secondly, the use of ellipses escapes many, and as I understand it, the proper spacing of the actual periods is currently in debate. What is largely understood and widely accepted, though, is that the ellipse contain three periods, not two.
Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is the improper spelling of the word "your." To save my audience the pain of defining each word, I can simplify the correct usage as a rule for you. Say the word out loud to yourself, if it is possible to separate the word "your" into "you are," then you need a contraction and the proper version of the word will be spelled "you're."

I hope I have met and (hopefully) exceeded the expectations of the creator of this fine film, by taking the time to follow his instructions.

The final corrected post should look like this:

"The cat is my number one favorite character in any Flash now...
@patrickliberty you're on the little slow side of spelling. :P"

TheTreeman responds:

Ha. Well well now that we have your review of a review, what's your review of the cartoon.


i love the star trek part "huh..oh...ooohhh...OHHHH NASTY!"

Naked Naked Hotty...

This is an unorthodox flash. It may have been the naked raptor girl at the end, but this was actually quite enjoyable! The creativity on the scenes inside the Dark Abyss combined with your art and styling made it funnier than it could have been before. Thank you for making this flash, TO THE MEXIMOBILE!

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4.51 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2010
10:12 PM EST