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This is my assignment for my Flash class, half of it had to be about an OH&S problem so I chose the obvious killer, PENS! The other half had to be a portfolio of our work.

For the OH&S part I was originally going to replicate the ballroom scene from Beauty and the Beast (the reason for the similar logo, title, and music) but apparently that is far too intricate...what would the teacher know anyway! So I had to dumb it down to a silly office scene.

I hope you enjoy it anyway!

*The "Ben and the Pen" button on the Portfolio Main Menu and the entire Test do not work for some reason...

*Ooook apparently the music and none of my sample works want to work either...I should look into that

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Next Time

Do the ballroom dipschit..........

More holes than swiss cheese

I think that you've got the animation down nicely, but the whole piece is really let down by a lack of sound, glaringly obvious absences of parts where animation should be (The portfolio was empty, as was the "live action scene") and the test kept telling me "wrong dipshit, as opposed to even giving me a chance of a correct answer.

The solutions I'd give are as follows: A soundtrack. You can find plenty of audio on the Audio Portal, that you can download and use in your flash submissions under the free use policy. That will allow you to get your pieces more recognition, as they won't just be well animated, but largely two dimensional. Sound effects might also help, such as a high whistle for when Ben slips and a comedic "thwack" for when he hits the deck. Consider shaking the "camera" at that point, for effect as well.

With the questions, give us multiple choices and allow us to get the correct answer one way or another, rather than just calling us dipshits, because you couldn't make the quiz work properly.

Add the portfolio - I'd love to see what you're capable of, since your drawing skills are simple and effective. This gives people a lot of a chance to see through the toon itself and into the mind of the artist, allowing you to convey more complex ideas.

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blakem5 responds:

Thank you very much for the tips...though I do have music for it but for some reason it doesn't work on here...works fine on the .swf....same with the portfolio it works in the .swf version but not on here, it's really confusing...and as for the test I never got that to work sadly and my teacher was no help either lol...but thank you very much

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Nov 27, 2010
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