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Running Experiment

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I know this isn't much.....at all. But I only made this to practice:





It turned out pretty good. Just a quick piece of work.. It wasn't supposed to beee anything just thought I'd share.

Oh yeah. And if there's any feedback to make it better please share!

On another note: I don't know how sensitive the Newgrounds people are to this stuff, but the image on the preloader was NOT made by me, I got it off of Google Images. I in no way take credit for this silly random drawing. :P


not bad for practice

pick up a book called character animation crash course, draw everything in it 3 times. your animation will improve if you do

Well, good for a start.

Okay, so you can animate. Now animate something more worth watching. :-)

As for the preloader image, don't sweat it. There are of course those who will blast you almost no matter what you do, but by and large, sane people won't be too concerned with that sort of thing so long as you're not trying to make it look like your own work - as long as you give credit where credit is due, most folks are okay with letting you "borrow" their stuff, though if you are able to ask them for permission in advance, you'd be making friends if you did so. :-)

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TheSlightMutation responds:

Yes I know haha I'm working on a project right now. This was just for feedback.

And that's what I was guessing lol but I just wanted to play it safe. :P

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Nov 26, 2010
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