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Pokemon Generation 5 test

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This is really just a test, it's the first time i've ever submitted anything, and the first time i've ever really worked with real flash. This animation is not yet finished, but I wanted to make sure that it worked before working any further. I'm self-learned, so please be kind:) - feel free to give advices.

- for more finished animations, visit my youtube profile, hikarian002


looks good

plz finish and add sound, then we'll be in business

Excellent animation!

Great job! At first, I thought it was just a loop of him throwing his shell, but when I realized it was an animation I was immediately intrigued! You should make sure certain scenes aren't too long, the tree/apple was sort of long too. Otherwise, great drawing and fluid animation! Excellent! :)

I really like it

It was very cute! Maybe something with pokabu next time cause he rocks socks! Overall really good.


It looks good so far Im sure it will be great when your done and you get some sounds in there wish you luck.^-^

pretty good

the animation is actually pretty well done.
very smooth. nice drawings. i'd just comment on the blurring trees and the blurred "i'm hungry" effect. the blur doesn't really fit the overall style. it feels as though you simply put it there because you found out about filters and just had to use it.
consistency in style is key.
anyways. keep up the good work.

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3.27 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2010
4:34 PM EST