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11 Second Club

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My first ever use of flash.
This was a class assignment to choose an audio clip from 11secondclub.com and create an animation.

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First of all the art on this is pretty good, it has an artsy type, good old style colors also help and make it more unique in that way thats why i like this one so props to you on that, it was well made too, allthough i thought it could have had some more effort in being slightly longer and such but for the most part it was entertaing so keep up the good work.

More longer with a few more character changes wouldnt hur, for the mostpart it was alright

Entertaining i enjoyed it very much

Lotl responds:

Well I was restricted with length. The audio clip is 11 seconds, and the animation had to match for the assignment.
But thank you for your review.


I can't wait to see what you could do that's longer, if you decide to continue doing Flash. There isn't much wrong here, but it's so short I can't really give it a high grade.

Congrats; hopefully we'll see more from you at some point.

Story ?

i don't see the plot very good and i like the animations. so you got the clip from a website but animated it. cool