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Zelda Files: Chapter 8

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this is the zelda files episode 8
the 5 links are well on there way to save zelda but the get in a little bit of trouble along the way

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A couple thing's. First of all, please don't send me a PM eveytime you make a new one of these. If i want to watch if I will seek it out myself. Second, the link you did send me was wrong :P. The actual video was decent, I like the new text, and the animation was good too. So 8/10

peltos responds:

i will put you off the list :P

A funny episode

I liked how the characters chose to know or not know aspects of pop culture. Haha nothing like waking up to a good rape joke in the morning. However I did hope for this episode to be a bit longer.. It would have seemed to make it hardier if they had gotten into the castle had some rising action, then ended the episode, making this episode seem a bit more meaningful. All aside for what it was, it was funny. keep me posted on the next one too.

Not bad but

This would be really great if you didn't include music in your prelaoder

peltos responds:

why? its not like its annoying.
and why do i get a 2 if i only have 1 little thing wrong?

One of the best!

This was one of the most enjoyable in the series, and I am glad I watched and reviewed it. There was a part of me that kept being reminded of the "4 Swords Misadventures" series by Victor Fiori, but this was still good. I kept thinking of pokemon as I knew of the character's names. Even Onyx is the name of a pokemon, but not a game! The music was good and faithful to the Zelda series. I really also liked how the sprite work was so good, especially with how the characters moved.

Best action sequnce in this series ever

Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! God Ruby was just great in this episode wasn't he? I loved the fight scene, if you can call it that. It was my fav bit in the entire episode, shame it took so long to get there, can't you make a short-cut or something, like as everybody is saying just a very short flash for it? But great animation, can't wait for the season finale.

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4.08 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2010
6:14 PM EST