Call of Doody: Black Oops

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Dwarfinator, Clam, and Nintendo Clock share in intelligent, lengthy, and in-depth discussion of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops game, and how it compares to its predecessor of one(1) year. Based on the discussion found in this thread:

http://www.clockcrew.cc/t alk/showthread.php?96108-
trade-in-moh-get-black-op s-for-8-bucks

{{{ you guys }}}

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wtf oh and u spelled end wrong its end not edn



The video

The game...I just dont like it I got it a week before I came back on christmas exodus and sadly by far one of the worst games I have ever purchased...The perks and gameplay is far too demanding...just buy something else

well ya know

I obviously won that argument.


TelephoneClock responds:

I dunno, Clammo seemed to have it right on the money.

I mean, how can Borderlands NOT equal Left 4 Dead?

not good

srry man, im all for making fun of xbox games but try to put a little effort into your work. this video has nothing to do with its title which pisses me off when people do that. here is a few simple steps on how to make this video better.
1 write a script that makes sense and can be understood.
2 make a video that doesnt repeat the same action over and over again and is relevant to the desired story or message.
3 combine the video and coherent audio into a full video.
4 submit to NG.

TelephoneClock responds:

This video has everything to do with its title! The title clearly says that this movie is about intelligent conversation pertaining to the new Xbox 360 video game known as "Call of Duty: Black Ops." You must have read it wrong.

And thanks, I will take your animating advice, seeing as you yourself have made many great animations using the above techniques.

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Nov 9, 2010
10:49 PM EST