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Gunfire Echoes

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IMPORTANT: The game is very CPU intensive, I'm afraid that if you run it on netbooks you will experience slowdowns and glitches :(. We are working to see how we can optimize the game a bit.

Gunfire Echoes is a shooter with tower defense elements, gain experience killing your enemies and upgrade your skills to defeat the huge bosses at the end of each level.


too big and heavy

The game would be nice if it doesen't crash.


No option to turn down the graphics? Can't even right-click and choose?

First time I used my adrenaline rush, the screen skipped and the enemies kept going as fast as they were, and I had a big bar in the middle of my screen that said ADRENALINE RUSH, covering the enemies.

It's just not done.

Starts nice, but gets slow and buggy

I did like the game basically, with the various enemies and weapons, but at level 4 it often started lagging - and my computer is a desktop quad-core, not a laptop. And when I finally beat the level the game didn't respond to the "continue" button, and when I reloaded it I need to go through level 4 all over again...


You're trying to tell me a robot not much bigger than one of those normal soldiers flew up into space and sliced my space station in half with his little sword?

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Kill it with fire.

Interesting, that this made the front page. I wonder if it has something to do with the numerous adds that seem to have infested this game, or else are simply trolls spawning from an ever larger troll. Could be both, but the summary says it all.

I'll begin my review by saying that I've played numerous flash games in my internet addicted life. I've seen, played, loved, and hated quite a few defense games, and side-scrollers, unfortunately this doesn't do anything particularly good for tower defense. Actually to be quite honest I find that the 'tower defense elements' are almost entirely useless. I shoot all my enemies faster than they spawn. Their mad soviet-union rush is rather pathetic. A pistol is enough to kill everyone. It's the Jesus pistol from Halo with permanent fail-zoom

Their generals are making childish postures with quotes like " You've one this battle but you wont have your toy next time." I remember watching justice league henchmen with more depth.
I see nothing new, and everything old, outdated, obsolete, and most atrocious of all; easily rectifiable. If only you checked the previous decades video games. Or even five years ago. But instead you've this as well as horrendous hoards of spam.

The echoes of your spams screams will forever amuse me into eternity.

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Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2010
12:06 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed