Leo & Satan III

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Man. FInally. I hope you enjoy!

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The Deconstruction of Leo & Satan in the Era of Memes
Essay by PHD F.A. Asawhole

Let's start with giving some context to this baby:
It's (let me check) 2010 AD. Oney is an NG superstar, whatever he does is pure gold (it still is, but he's not a superstar anymore, but I will return to that in a moment)

Oney produces 2 shorts + 1 youtube exclusive short. Each one of them are received with massive enjoyment and support. Supported by that, Oney toys with the idea of making Leo & Satan a serious thing. This episode is an attempt at that.

So, after months and months of waiting, finally it's released. The reactions is lukewarm. When you check the views of each of the L&S episode, this one has the least of them, which is depressing.

Nobody hates it, everyone cheers Oney up, but nobody rewatches it either.
If you ask me, there is nothing wrong with the episode. But we will return to that later, be patient, dear reader.

Oney creates another episode, and another for next season, and it's only on youtube.
Ultimately, Leo & Satan fails to get a greenlight on adult swim, and so does Hellbenders (another project by Oney & Whateverhisname). And ultimately we are being revealed to the real twist - nobody cares, if you don't care yourself.

3rd episode was good. Oney tried to make it epic, a meta-joke on three-parters, and still fresh from the sparta-madness, emotion-inducing. It failed, but not because the movie was bad, but because Oney believed the criticism. And more importantly, he hated his own creation himself way too much.

The problem is, instead of learning from the reactions about this episode, and experimenting with the format with what works and what doesn't, Oney did what every other NG author did - complete abandonment of the concept, idea, and the characters. Somehow, it seems like if you're not validated enough within 24 hours, you are worthless. I don't want to joke about a corporation generation, but it feels true. Many young people give up on their talents, because it doesn't have an instant pay-off. Just like at Max Gillardi - the greatest animator of XXI century, who failed to achieve success, because the only thing he gives a fuck about is his weird "penis" (his own words), and lack of girlfriend. Bitch, I am divorced twice, trust me, you don't want a girlfriend. Having kids is fine, you need someone to inherit the shit you create. And all the baggage with it. But ignore women.

The main problem with people like Oney or Hotdiggedydemon is that they are lazy. Ralph Bakshi - read his biography instead of my shitpost, and see his talents, what he achieved, what he couldn't. He still lives happily ever after (as of 2022, which is impressive, I shit you not). But to dig deeper into the problem - Oney and Max were supperstars. When you read the early reviews, or remember the times (like I do), Oney was a superstar, whatever he shat, was gold. Same with Max - he had multiple gold franchises under his thumb - he abandoned all of them, because they weren't good enough for him. And instead of making them work, he just jumped on something else. Same with oney. Leo & Satan could compete with Simpsons. But it won't because Oney is lazy. He will not sacrifice his precious time on something as silly as cartoon, on something as silly as his dreams, integrity and whatever.

No, he will just give up. Funymony gave up because he had a girlfriend (they broke up, and surprise surprise, the moment they broke up, was the moment the dude became creative again and started shitting out 5/5 top tier disney-oscar-tier-animations - yes, I think there is a pattern here - Emily Youcis also started to suck balls once she married)

End of essay - I might write something more. You never know with me.
Your Dear FookOvVanAzwhole

this made me so sad when I was 12

Edit 1: YOU KILLED LEO? WHY??????
Edit 2: Oh. Wait why did he go to hell?

"you asked fow it"


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Nov 8, 2010
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