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The FFF series has a new homepage, click the site link at left or jump to emudimension.com/fffanta

Its been long enough since the last chapter. This time it's something less serious and more fun. Unlike most of the movies of this series you could get by well enough if you watched this one alone. true there is backstory but its not dominating this movies plot. this movie is however the begining of a 3 part plot that will shape the series towards the final showdown.

and lastly, Enjoy ^^

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Hmm, this is pretty weird. I know I've reviewed this before, but I can't find it. Anyway, this was a great cartoon. The music really made it. It was interesting to see this big thing. It just works so well with the contrast.

It's great to see Tifa here too. FFVII is the most well known in the entire series. I've never played any of the games, but I am still somewhat familiar with it. The sounds were fairly good. There's some good creativity in this.


Great Job .. Made Me Lauph..


Again I'm watching these in order right now, but next time I do, I will watch them entirely in order.

Good movie.

Make more


That was messed up, yet somehow very funny. And FINALLY, a turn for the better! I will love you for-evaaaaah!

Lmfao....Sabin and Edgar..

They spent all that time for nothing with Cait Sith, just fighting and fighting and with Edgar's technology thing didnt even work and all he got was broken items. But the funny thing is that they got Tifa lol, which is awsome becuase shes tight.