Trail of Doom!

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This was a video I made wile training two of my friends in the art of video editing. At first we just worked on a couple of scenes to show them some technique, but as Halloween approached and the video was starting to look better we decide to make it our premier flash video. Hope you all like it we have a ton of hours into it and my friends seem to be eager to make more, so enjoy!



Could stand to have a plot but I love the comments and it's great for a first movie. Maybe if you make more you should put in a different walking sound though, it sounds more like he's walking through a swamp than along a gravel road.

tabalt responds:

Thank you! We were going for deep woods effects using mutable free sounds from freesounds.org mixed together, but now that you say it I guess we should have used a different combination. AS for the plot we never intended there to be one. It was more of a way to just train my friends on a couple different Adobe programs. All and all, I think it was a good attempt at what I call "still picture animation" and my two friends have learned a lot. I finally have a team to work with! :P


The art kinda blows but you totally made me want to watch all of them back to back with the audio. The slow motion actions don't help either. Keep at it.

tabalt responds:

Thanks for the feedback but if you don't mind I just have a couple questions. When you say "back to back" are you referring to each encounter? Because it's only one video, and I am slightly confused on that comment. And the other question is about slow motion comment. Are you referring to parts where we made the gun move kind of slow? We weren't going for a slow motion effect, but just moving the gun around... I guess slower. One more question, and this one is more of a ask for help. I used a mix of Photoshop, Audition, and Premier Pro to make this. Is this common or am I taking this the wrong way and should invest in a program made for cartoons? If so what program should I use?

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2.40 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2010
1:19 AM EDT
Comedy - Original