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NG Portal Radio v2 01

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Author Comments

UPDATE:(14th January 2011) - Now you can skip broken songs. For some reason, the ID will be randomized if it is old.

UPDATE:(13th January 2011) - Added a fullscreen toggle button!

UPDATE: (12th January 2011) - Added more things, now you can save the IDs in your favorites/history lists and when you come back just copy and paste them in the type box. Now you also can scroll the volume bar with the mouse wheel and I did a timer to the song, so you can know the length!!

UPDATE: (28th December 2010) - Wow lol, I never said 'thanks' to all you guys who favorited and helped me to get my first award so THANKS! :3 Plus, Darklight17 changed his username, he now is Echo.

Welcome to Newgrounds Portal Radio v2. 01, this musical gadget was designed to you stream songs from the Audio Portal in a fast way here. You can stream more than 100,000 audios from NG and if you like one, you can add it to the in-game favorites list and if you want to listen again, just copy and paste the ID again on your ID typer. This new version present more functions, neat graphics and easier options.

For the gadget works, you must have a steady internet connection due to the fact that the songs are streamed online.

If your song isn't loading or taking v.long to load, check if your internet connection speed is working well or maybe you didn't forgot to press 'load audio' after type the ID? :3

* All my excellent team for producing this awesome gadget.
* BoMbLu to cutting the A-Bot to me!
* Vogxhamraks to beta testing.
* and the most importantly, YOU for play this!

If you have a suggestion, please leave a review or PM me.

In-game, read the 'Read this!' tab.

Please leave a review if you liked or have a suggestion, it is always welcome. For prevent some suggestions, I'll leave some here that I can't do:
* "Why don't you put the spectrum visualizers?" - The spectrums are only possible with AS3, this game was coded in AS2.
* *Would be cool add the author's comments or views from the current song!" - It is impossible because they would have to be taken via HTML.
I hope you enjoy! :)

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works in 2023!

Somehow this gadget still kinda functions, 10 years later. Really cool to see!


Quite nice, if I do say so myself. The design is fairly well done. I really like how you can favorite the audio within the flash, instead of on your userpage. This makes it much easier to use and navigate your favorite music, although it doesn't seem to save the favorites.

I really like how you can select to download the song or go to the audio page. It's great that you don't have to go to the audio portal page just to download the track. It's not that major, but I like it.

A lot of the buttons seem very out of place. For example the play, pause, and stop button. Although it's not that big of a deal, the edges aren't rounded like all the others are, so it looks very odd. When you click "Read This!", it has an NG styled button as the background, then one of the default buttons that comes with flash on top of it. Again, that looks quite odd.

The background also looks very out of place, in my opinion. I think it would have been a lot better if it had been one of the default tables, such as the one this review is in. I know it kind of is in one, but the background color isn't the same, and P-Bot looks odd sitting in the background like that. In my opinion it would have looked really cool if you had made styled this more on the NG style rather than throwing in your own style, but again, that's just my opinion.

This is more of a question than anything, but what's the point of the spinning block? It seems rather pointless, as if it was just a project of yours that you threw in for a little extra entertainment value. I kind of think you should remove it, because again it doesn't fit the NG style, but it doesn't really matter if it stays or if it goes, honestly.

If you really care about the spinning block being there, perhaps you could make it change into more colors rather than just blue. It quickly becomes pointless playing with it once you color every block of it blue. In fact, you could probably change it into a rubix cube of sorts.

Unless there's something wrong with my browser, your favorites don't save. In my opinion this is a pretty major thing. You could quickly favorite it on here before leaving to go somewhere, and expect to be able to easily listen to it when you get back, but you simply won't be able to do that due to this.

The favorites and history windows look terrible. They seem to be buttons within buttons. Why not make it into a table, then make it popup like it does on any OS? That would look so much better than what you have it as now.

I'm sure this is fairly obvious by now, but you really should recode this in AS3. AS2 seems to have so many limitations when it comes to creating a radio, it's best to not even do it. Of course I want count off for not doing so, but I think you should.

MCarsten responds:

Hey there Jolly, thanks for the nice review. Replying to you, yes, the lists don't save since I don't have time at all to update them, I already programmed to they save the history and favs. but just don't updated. The 3D cube was one of the most hard and cool things (at least on my opnion) that I already managed to create so I wanted to showcase it, I also managed to put on it more colors (just don't added here too). I am using AS3 now but I'll leave this one as this is by now. Thanks for the extra advices. Thanks again for the review!
See you around.

Still a nice gadget

Nice to see an updated version of the NG Portal Radio. It's still a nice gadget and I can see some improvements here and there. But there's still a lot of stuff that could be added (but I guess most of the "really cool" stuff would be impossible to add).
I made some suggestions on the previous versions, so I won't make any new suggestions here (I'm just pointing out that Fro expressed some very good ideas in his review).

However, what I didn't like was the font, for example on the authors bios. It just seems to be a bit "blurred" or too bold. Whatever it is, it's pretty hard to read, so it would be great if the font could be changed to something that is better to read. ^^

{ Review Request Club }

MCarsten responds:

Thaks for like my gadget and for the font added suggestion! Yeah to be seriously, I prefer to change the font!

Thanks for review! =)
See you around.

Not bad

Loaded with features, this is a good example of coding, once again, though it does seem to have a little issue, regarding the fact that aside from the coding and layout, it is quite a limited piece.

Some sort of your own set of visualisations that people could upload would be a nice feature, if you get a site of your own and enough bandwidth to host visualisations made by other people, you could have a nice working setup. Compressing them to "Bytesize" style screens and porting them across from your site would be a colossal achievement for you on this front.

Aside from that, the piece does give access to a lot of Audio, though I'd love to see more information presented on there - title, author, size (file size and length of the track), plus a rough rating for the piece and release date. If you just put the score in to the first decimal place and the year of submission in there, you'd have enough for most people there.

Of course, this is where you come into the arena of customisable layouts, where people can choose what they see, while they listen to the radio - another substantial step forward.

[Review Request Club]

Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2010
12:36 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place November 3, 2010