D17 - Minutes to Midnight

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I ran as fast as i could. There was no time left to be slow, no time left to even think about what i had to do. All i knew was that if i didnt at least try, the world as i knew it would end. Sweat ran down my back in icy streamlets, freezing in the bitter cold night air. I took a glance at my watch. Five minutes left. I ran faster. The clock mechanism above me whirred loudly as the hour hand crept towards the minute hand and the ultimatum of time, midnight. My breath came in ragged gasps, my legs burned and the cold knife at my hip dug into my waist, a constant reminder of my mission.

As i erupted through the door into the mechanism room, the first thing i noticed was the sudden heat. It hung across the air, clogging eveyrthing with a sense heaviness. The second thing i saw was Artanis standing in the middle of the room, bathed in purple light, his hands raised towards the heavens. A purple doorway shone before him.

With a roar i sprinted towards him, my white knife glinting in the moonlight which flooded in through the glass roof. I took one leap but hit a sort of invisible shield. Artanis turned slowly, a smile across his face, his scar as pale as death. He raised one hand toward me and i felt a sudden wracking pain.

"It is too late foolish boy. The demons will come through to this pathetic world and crush it beneath the might of their warlord, and i shall be Governor of the last dredges of humanity, controlling them to my will!!"

A maniac laugh escaped Artanis' lips as he spoke the worlds doom.

"You'll never get away with this." i managed to gasp out as my vision blurred and i sank towards death.

Artanis roared with laughter.

"I already have human. I already have!"

A red claw appeared behind him, passing through the portal. Grasping the head of the unsuspecting necromancer, it crushed it to pulp, blood squirting through its fingers. My eyesight turned red as the body of the demon warlord walked through the portal and roared. I had failed, my time was past.

The demon stood bathed in the moonlight and shouted its defiance at humanity, and behind it, the clock rung humanity's final hour.


Well, a new song it is. Ive been working on this for around 3 weeks, adding stuff, arranging stuff, removing something, adding something else, etc. Work was carried out on Fl Studio 9 XXL Producer's Edition, and all instruments except the rock drumz are from the east west plugins (Symphonic Orchestra Silver, Symphonic Choirs). A huge thanks goes to Supersteph54 who made me the rock drumz and listened patiently to my songs.

Well anywayz, enjoy the song, i might have another one up soon, maybe a trance song this time...


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I can imagine

This as being in a war scene or something, it was nice but it didnt really build up till the middle and i kinda felt distant like there wasnt enough stuff going on

Good use of Symphonic Choir

Sounds like you have got too many influences. Need more develop in melodies. Pretty nice atmosphere.

Echo responds:

"Sounds like you have got too many influences."

Can't help it if my music is influenced by other people, we all are...

"Need more develop in melodies."

That's true. But then again, i posted this a few months ago and i think that i've improved more since then, seeing as ive been working on several projects for scoring games and such.

"Pretty nice atmosphere."

Tks ;D

Overall, tks for the review and your help.


Two words:


Echo responds:

Cool. Glad you liked it. Tks for the review ;)


Nice, or not

Great song, very strong. the story is great too. keep up the good work. and you do know that Artanis is the name of a hero in Starcraft right?

Echo responds:

Lolz really? Which one Starcraft 1 or 2? I haven't played the 2 two yet but i remember someone called Arcturus in the 1. Actually this is ironic, cos this piece is going to be used in a Starcraft 2 Mod by a NG user...

Well anyway, tks for the review and the encouragement!


I love it.

I love your little short story, goes perfectly with the song, I read it at the right pace. It's very powerful.


Echo responds:

Yay! Glad you liked the story. I tried to time it with the music to go along with the ebb and flow of the piece, not sure if i succeeded....

Still, glad you liked the piece! Tks for the Review!


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Apr 21, 2010
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