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The Cupcake Topper

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This was my first short animated cartoon. It was made using MS Paint, Paint Shop Pro, and Windows Movie Maker, and then converted using AVS Video Converter. A pre-loader was added using Flashkicker. :)

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Nice "mickey mousing" you got there, the play between the musis and animation.

By the way, there's a software called pencil, it's opensource, and its useful for hand-drawn animation. I think it may be easier to use than MS paint and the Windows Movie Maker hehehe.

JenniBee responds:

Thanks. :) I aimed for the classic feel of early toons, and Disney was the main source of inspiration, so "mickey mousing" is appropriate. :D

I've been experimenting with animating hand drawn art too. I made an animated version of a hand drawn comic and it came out much better than anything I could have drawn in MS Paint. :)

I asked for permission from the comic's author to post it, so if he OK's it, I'll definitely share it here. :)

Very Nice

That's quite a work pipeline you got there. Might want to think about getting Flash

JenniBee responds:

Thanks. Yeah, it is a lot of programs to go through to get the results I want. :D

I just saw the flash alternatives thread here, so I'll probably end up checking one of those out. :)