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My Name is Jack

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Haha, well here's my Halloween 2010 submission, and my first go on voice acting.

This took me about 2-3 weeks to make, I of course putted it off until the last second and then worked on it for 9 straight hours.

Anyways I hope you enjoy it...

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Really liked the concept and it would be cool to see it go somewhere with the story. If not, there could be more misticism to imply the unexisting background (which isn't always easy to achieve, but when it's good it's great).

The voice acting by itself wasn't bad, but you could do a few things to hide the bad quality of the mic, like recording a bit longer before and after you talk (so you can edit the clicks out) and record a lot of white noise to fill the silence parts and blend them with the voiceovers, and also progressively turn down the volume of the silence so it isn't too apparent.

I could write more tips, but I doubt it would be fit for a short review, keep at it and you will eventually become a really big deal.

spooky and this is jack skellington or who?

it does fit with Halloween, it is pretty scary. the only thing that annoys me is that I get nightmares for 3 days straight after I watch this once. it's sometimes different, but mostly the same. it shows me, as a cyborg, running away from jack in an alley, him climbing along the walls. I try to shoot him with my plasma gun arm, but gets spliced by one of his "scythe" arms right before I fire. then I get cornered by him, he jumps down, grabs me by my neck, he holds a "scythe" arm right beside me, and just as the blade hits me, I wake up with a shock in my chest. this is just the usual.

I watched this when you uploaded this I watch it now and its still good :D