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A Child Vampire's Lament

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This is a short story that's part of a bigger story I've been writing for quite some time.
Her name is Abby, and she's a character that close to my heart.
I would have never been able to submit this without the help of Celx-Requin.
He's the guy who put the whole shebang together. Check out his stuff!
I hope you enjoy this as much as I had writing and drawing little Abby.
Happy Halloween!

Jesus Christ people, will you look at the credits before messaging Celx about "stolen art"? How can you people mistake my drawings in this for his? I'm not trying to be an ass, but to some of you see a sketchy style and go "OMG DAT SUMEUNES STUFF !!1111!"? The art and story is mine, Celx graciously did the programing and the panel animations. I mean come on! Read the goddamn commentary below the flash people.

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Back in April 2019, I decided to take a look at some of the content on Newgrounds (Because I hadn't really been on the website too much prior to then). Eventually, I found this video after going through some of the videos on the front page. Of the videos I came across that day, this was probably the least questionable one.
Regarding the actual video, the art is pretty well made for the most part, and the story itself is interesting. The piece of music also fits relatively well with the story. However, the video does come off as a little too "edgy" and some art looks like it's rushed (I know it's probably to add affect to the story, but still).
Reviewing something nearly 11 years after it came out might be strange, but I thought I'd just make a note of this and give my thoughts on it.

linda-mota responds:

oh yea the whole backstory of this getting made is really funny because i just started college and a friend i don't really speak to anymore was pushing me to make some shit for haloween 2011 and offered to program it so i had to ballpoint ink this shit. this story was like a protoype for what i do now. that's looking back 10+ years of shit my dude damn.