A Child Vampire's Lament

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This is a short story that's part of a bigger story I've been writing for quite some time.
Her name is Abby, and she's a character that close to my heart.
I would have never been able to submit this without the help of Celx-Requin.
He's the guy who put the whole shebang together. Check out his stuff!
I hope you enjoy this as much as I had writing and drawing little Abby.
Happy Halloween!

Jesus Christ people, will you look at the credits before messaging Celx about "stolen art"? How can you people mistake my drawings in this for his? I'm not trying to be an ass, but to some of you see a sketchy style and go "OMG DAT SUMEUNES STUFF !!1111!"? The art and story is mine, Celx graciously did the programing and the panel animations. I mean come on! Read the goddamn commentary below the flash people.

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Well I have to admit I was extremely skeptical in the beginning. But by the end I was reading steadfast. Try to leave out the based-on-the-real-world references though. Very off putting.

oh this was nice. But there were grammar errors and probably spelling mistakes.
Still, I enjoyed it for the concept. Wish she could have held onto her humanity.

You need to do Castlevania music. You're that new special someone with a new idea on old tricks. I really hope money finds you and lets you explore further.

linda-mota responds:

I once dabbled in piano when i was younger, sadly the passion withered away though i've had ideas for other things. I hope things work out and at this point i will do something that will kill me and be happy then hate a job and kill myself. thank you you are too kind.

I love it, the well thought out story, I really felt sorry for Abby and how her childhood was stolen from her, the drawing is unique and quite beautiful and the music is enchanting and really sets the mood for the story, I hope more like this one.

i will always love this godpiece.... :( made me so lunatic, so very melancholic

linda-mota responds:

You're so sweet, thank you.

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Oct 30, 2010
1:02 AM EDT