Peter vs. Hentai

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Here is our backup Halloween Special. We had a much bigger flash in the works, but unfortunately it was TOO massive and impossible to get done in the shorty amount of time. So I decided to present to you guys (Newgrounds.com) a Two Reel Short instead. (this comes with fun unlockable extras)

The main flash took us about two weeks to do. The others are from previous Halloween Specials that aren't posted here. So this is my way to show you how far we've come in the last couple of years. Hopefully next year I'll be more prepared and complete our full length one.

Have a Happy Halloween Everybody.

Do leave comments for us so we know where to improve. Thank you guys.

-Peter and Chris

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watching this totally does not make you any less straight


Haha, this is absolutely hilarious, loved every last minute of it. I would suggest adding some shading to the backgrounds, they'll look nicer.


The animation's ok, you'll get better though! 8D I thought this was fucking hilarious but, to the guy below me, why would he change his voice even if he was in a girl's body? NO need to. :I

The-Phoenix-Wizard responds:

I was wondering the same thing if I should have had a female voice actress help me or not... All well.
Thanks for the comment. :)

one thing to improve

besides your artwork, which will improve only with time, the only thing i can think of to make this better is to actually have a female voice acter for the female part, if your body changes, so would your voice, simple physics.

The-Phoenix-Wizard responds:

Yes, and I have three female voice actors that help me, but do you think I could get ahold of them? lol

As far as my artwork, I'm still trying to find my own style. I haven't quite got it yet.


the animation isnt great; but this is fucking halarious! XD
more pl0x?