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Hide & Seek

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Happy halloween Newgrounds! I'm too lazy to submit this when it's actually halloween so here it is now, a few days early.

My sister and I did the voice acting, I animated this, the main audio track was made by me, and all the other music/SFX is from Freesound.org.

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she just kicked pedobear in the balls...he probably liked anyways.

Random thoughts while watching the video: clicks on PLAY button... preloader starts... AGGGH! Is that... is that SARI??? What happened to her?! O_o Sari vs. Pedobear... XD You play hide-and-seek more like Tag. Poor Sari fell and... SCRAPED HER FACE OFF??!??! @_@ AND NOW SHE'S a ZOMBIE?!?!?..... she ate you... o_o CREEPY LAUGH AND SMILE.... DX DX DX

It scared me. Do not want. D=

..............4.5 stars.

lol she caught you! you lose!

:O you got eated!