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Form rectangles by selecting 4 tiles of the same
color. This will erase all the tiles inside the square. The bigger the square, the more points you get.

Time is ticking!

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epic fail

Hard to understand at first

I am so glad that I was able to understand it. My problem was that when I was looking through everything, I did not realize it had to very specifically be a rectangle to form. I actually do not fully understand it still and I think it is up to the player to really figure out how it works. It was just fun to go around and make them disappear, but it seemed a little pointless in the long run because the game just goes on and on and on. The graphics were alright; I guess it had good enough ones to live up to what it was supposed to be. I would not recommend it, but it was fine.

I liked it... but

there wasn't really a goal to it. I mean you can aim to get the highest score you can, but other than that it could just go on forever and there is no way for you to compare your scores.
With that said, it's quite an original concept. at least, i've never come across it before, so that was good, it's just a shame it lacked any direction.