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A commercial/music video made by The Municipality.

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ok,you are becoming a jerk

First you give bad rates and votes for Road of Dead and to Bitpop,despite you haven't posted any song, and you create a simple movie thinking that you're the master creator and expecting that users will rate you and votr you 10/10 and 5/5 when in fact even you don't respect others work.
You are really pissing people off!
I'll give you a 7/10 and 3/5 cause I don't wan't to be a blamer,but still "my king","my leader","my chief" or whatever you think you are you don't deserve it.

ThePoobaman responds:

I rate things based on originality. Not on skill. Skill of animation is unimportant too me.

(P.S.) Jou art ein biatche i vill mourder jour face

hmm, needs work

its got good action, and changes alot which is good, but its not quite leading anywhere maybe a little more concentration on the stick men and enemies and ull be fine, also remember a preloader its much apritiated on NG ;)

ThePoobaman responds:

List of things I disagree with---
1. You misspelled appreciated.
2. You winked. Winking is my pet peeve. More like my pet piss.
3. You abbreviated NewGrounds.
4. You said "Ull"
5. It's a lot not alot
6. You gave me a five for immense two week work.
7. You have no profile picture, yet you have the nerve to write a comment.

But at least it has "good action" whatever the hell that is...