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Explosive is enjoying his time in university. He feels that the time is right for a beard.
But he will soon find out, that having a beard, can be a little weird!

Rated pg13

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Aww no fair

Now I want to grow a beard to dang you xx chromosomes!

CourgetteClock responds:

You are doomed to a life of not being cool.



Where is you and your beard?

CourgetteClock responds:

In my pants, come a little closer and you'll see.


Real men have facial hair!

CourgetteClock responds:

Aye aye

haha so true of college

too bad I can't grow a beard...just face pubes :(

CourgetteClock responds:

You are above it all prof.

His facial fuzz gives me an uneasy feeling!

They're obviously some part of a pedophile ring, why else would bearded men congregate in a park? I voted 5 out of fear.

CourgetteClock responds:

You saw through the veil of cloaking.

It is true, ExplosiveLock is in actuality that displeased because with all the other pedophiles in the park, he himself would be getting less childbutt.

Als University is wordplay, univers is from the latin word meaning "all" and ity is the medical term for childbutts.

I sould've tried more to hide this all.