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Bad Inventions Dress Up

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Dress up your favorite (and only) Bad Inventions star in silly costumes and funny faces!

*By the real Bad Inventions author

In case your wondering about the state of Bad Invnetion, I plan to come out with many more! If you have any ideas for Bad Inventions, please email me, and if I use it I will include your name in the movie.

Thanks everyone!

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10 stars for this

I like this it's fun and try "Primary" game it's fun. Search it now!

Simple, but good.

A little simplicity goes a long way with some people. I like the humor. I like the adorable faces and costume(s).


I would suggest more options. More expressions and 'bad inventions' would really make the game more fun. Although I suggest not getting out of the theme of the game. It's good like it is, but it could still be much, much better.

Overall, not bad at all. Keeps you occupied, even if for a short time. <3


I liked it, but I'd have to agree with milinko959! I couldn't finish my dress-up because the dress-up items kept sticking to the mouse!!!!............................
.................. no hard feelings though.


Although its quite funny for a minute to have a drooling banana-man in hat-and-walking stick....i think you should stick with the cartoons.


^^Good Points^^
I liked the little intro sound clip that played, that was neat. Also, the art really wasn't too bad at all. Good shading and drawings.

^^Needs Improving^^
This just needs a lot more to it. There were very few items in the game, which didn't really make for too much fun in the game. I only played around with it for a few seconds before I became bored of it. The clothes also stick to the mouse sometimes, which is annoying.