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Fightage 2 Part 1

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Another edit: So yeah, certain animations flicker for some reason here on NG. It doesn't do that on any other site or anywhere else that I've seen, which is a crying shame because this is the place I want it to be seen the most. So if you don't want to see that distracting mess, watch this on my website: http://bmacktoons.com/too ns/fightage2part1.html

EDIT: Fixed some type issues at the end. Also, you may or may not notice some flickering graphics. I don't know why it does that, it works fine on my computer. Maybe because they're in different scenes?

From the creator of "I Am Metal Slug" comes the first part of the second episode of Fightage!

Watch the first one if you want, but truth be told, it's not really all that necessary. They pretty much give a recap of what went on in the first one, that, and the first one is really crappy and pointless. You can see the first one here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/371060

I originally planned to do it all as one big episode rather than in two parts, but I figured I'd go ahead and submit this part as is because I want to draw the characters with the brush tool rather than the pencil tool for the fight scene, and I figured it would look weird if the characters suddenly looked different halfway through the movie. Also, it's almost five minutes long as is anyway, so screw it.

However, that also means this one is very "talky" and "expositiony," so you action junkies will have to wait for the next part to get your fix. Hope you sort of like it anyway! And watch some of my other submissions while you're here!

P.S. The song by Alpharhino featured in this movie is actually called "Red Clay" but he took it out of the Audio Portal for some reason, so in the interest of getting him in on the revenue sharing for using his song, I posted another of his songs in the audio credits. If he'll put "Red Clay" back up I'll change it!

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your voice is awesome..


Like you told us in your commentary, this part lacks a bit on action, which makes it a bit - but really just a bit! - boring to watch.

Nonetheless, this is a funny movie. Artwork and voice-over (sound in general, in fact) are very good, also the storytelling is interesting.
All in all, a very promising start, just a bit slow-paced, but I guess Part 2 will really rock the house! Keep up the good work, man!

not too shabby

one tip though, stop breathing into the mike so often, you can hear it crackle and it really breaks the flow of the cartoon.

i loved it

lol really funny


I prefer frame by frame, but this was really solid stuff. Great story, and good art.
I will definately come back for part two. Keep me posted man.