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Years ago I thought it'd be nice to do a tribute to Pokey the Penguin. Tributes tend to suck, though, and this one's no exception. If you enjoy random graphics flying around to weird music, this is definitely a nice way to kill yourself.

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its been almost 13 years since ive seen this and for some reason this popped in my head and i had to find it.. strange

very funny but i see Josef Stalin

This is a great animutation! It's a pity you never went back to this. This was the time when everybody was making these. I am so sad this died out! Oh well, it was great while it lasted. You really had a wide variety of characters in this.

I was too distracted to notice if Colin Mochrie was there. The fake lyrics were great! Everything was just so active here. I love all the random references. Well, your later stuff is technically better.

When i was a kid i watched this

and i'm pretty sure it influenced how i turned out.

I've watched this a million times and now it makes sense to me..

maybe i should go see a shrink XD


i saw the red guy from cow and chicken!