The Greatest Aether

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Version 1 is up, soundless and not as epic as I would hope. I'm open to suggestions as how to improve it. The Greatest Aether is not a one man attack, but more of a plethora of ideas from different people in order to truly make it Great.

NOTE: ** I did not create the sprites for this. These were made using sprites ripped from the GBA Game, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones **

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Ehh... Decent First Flash...

Its not bad... Honestly... I have no clue what it is, but its still nice for sprite art.

One suggestion I can make, is that if you're going to submit something this short, sounds and some kind of story could help.

Also, theres really no need for those buttons to be all psychedelic and pulsing, its kind of an eyesore... you seem to be decent at assembling pixel-based art, so maybe working on some pixel-themed buttons...

Ryufirestorm responds:

Alright, a story sounds like it could be on it's way. Nice idea. And the reason I chose those "flashy" buttons is because most of my animations I've made (not uploaded) have just boring old roll-over flashes. Sounds are on their way, I've just got to figure out which ones I'm going to use and how to use them.

Good flash anyway .__.

There's something I don't understand, "The Greatest Aether" is the name of the character or of the attack?,because what I can think the character is Ike for the image at the start of the flash :/

Ryufirestorm responds:

The Greatest Aether is the name of the Attack, and Ike is the character portrayed. In the Super Smash Bros. Game, is Final Smash (or ultimate attack) is "Great Aether." So, I decided to amp it up a bit and add more attacks and more fire. :P I know it's kind of lame without sound and an enemy, but I'll get to those when I can.


Your sprite fighting animations are stylish. Now you just need music, sound effects, and an opponent.

Ryufirestorm responds:

Music is on it's way, same with sound, but I'm kind of lost when it comes to what KIND of music I should have at what points. Upbeat for menu, or the actual attack? Also, an opponent is also in progress, just need to figure out which of the other Brawl characters I'm going to use.

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Oct 18, 2010
8:55 PM EDT