Future Out of our Hands

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So, I've been working really hard with this Flash for a school project. No one else in my class, except me and my friend, knows of Flash. They only present with either just a piece of paper, or with a crappy made Powerpoint, boring as ever like Everyone else have done before! However, since I know Flash, and am the only, besides my friend, who knows about it in the entire school, I take advantage of it and make awesome presentations with cool effects to blow everyone in the class' minds! And I do succee :)

I am in the 10th grade (15 years), and I was going to have a oral presentation in Nature/Environment Conservation, and I wanted to show my class something new, special and that had never been done before! I wanted to make a short animation movie with a story involving the nature, but I was too lazy to do anything at all at first. When there were only 3 days left for the presentation, I started working on it. I made this Flash in 2.5 Days and sacrificed almost 30 hours of my spare time. But I'd do anything to make this happen. Continue reading for detailed information:

Day 1: started working with the beginning of movie + a bit voice acting. Had my friend over at my house, so it was a bit chilling rather than animating! I'd say I used 4 hours today.

Day 2: today, it was serious, only had 2 days left till presentation. Used up all my spare time, and stayed up late at night to work on this movie. 10 Hours (slept 03:00 at night)

Day 3: woke up 07:00 in the morning (4 hours of sleep). When I came home (around 04:00 in the afternoon), I worked on this movie like a mad person. Worked straight on the movie from 04:00 to 09:00 the next day, had to go late to school becaus the movie wasn't fully completed. I got to show the movie, and my classmates really liked it, especially some of my close friends, which even laughed! When I came home (around 04:00 in afternoon), I fell on my bed and slept for almost 16 hours (woke up around 07:30 in the morning, right before school) - and that felt awesome when I woke up!

Please don't judge my voice acting, I've done it all. It's my first time trying it, and I had alot of troubles removing the background noise. However, I managed doing that, and I promise that I didn't edit my voice even once for all the recordings. I just changed my voice! Alot is still unclear and hard to hear, but that's the reason I've included subtitles. Please tell me if it's good or not, want to know that :D

PLOT: Mr. Xiao, world's most famous business man, want to take over the world, and recreate it with only people like himself. He makes his subordinates, cut down all the trees in the whole world, to prevent more oxygen from being produced - he gathered a great amount of oxygen, before executing this plan! The world has had enough of watching people die around them, so they start to attack Mr. Xiao's HQ (yes, the 2 people and the rockets which looks like lipstick, are meant to be alot of people preparing for battle with X Corporation)! The ending text asks you, if you want to do, to prevent a possible future like this!

I apologize if the animation near the end is confusing or bad, but that's just because I had so little time left to complete the movie. I also had to remove some cool parts of the story to finish this flash withing the limit, so I am really sorry :(

All I can say is that I am too lazy to do anything, but when it comes to school group projects, I somehow manage to create something in Flash to show everyone else! All the animation and the story itself was created by. I was in a group for the oral presentation with 2 other friends - the first one also made a flash presentation, but not a short movie. Freesounds.org is a great free site for free soundeffects, and Newgrounds is the best Music portal in the whole world wide web!!!

Newgrounds, let me hear your opinion on this Flash made in 2.5 Days. I made 2 records of my own, one for making the longest flash, and the second for longest animation done in shortest time, in my collection!


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WTF........ :(


I agree with crazyboi, sadly the wall of text, the over confidence and the overall shoddy creation. Keep at it youngster.






Heh heh, It was pretty good, Oh snap! A 10TH GRADE project invloving FLASH? THIS IS MADNESS, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO LIKE POWERPOINTS AND STUFF??? xD

Prid-Outing responds:

Thanks ^^

Powerpoint is boring, in my opinion, LOL! I just like Flash and its cool effects :)

Anyways, thanks for the only positive comment, much, much, appriciated!



you must not have a lot to do where you're from.
I would of given you some points but your wall of text and your snobby attitude made me decide to just rate your cruddy video with the lowest score possible.