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_altr_'s favorite pastime combined with some bad reviews...

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That was pretty gud.

Good job, Rasp, I gave it a five :D


This flash wasn't all that terrible, but you certainly could have done so much more with it. He finds these bad reviews, and throws them into the fire, okay. He writes tequila on the bean can and throws i in. Somewhat funny. Not even tryign to read the one crazy review? missed opportunity. Just skimmign the reviews and not tryign on the humor available? Another missed opportunity. The graphics weren't all that bad and you could've made something out of this flash. Alas, it was disappointing.


I don't understand what is the goal of this movie.... I found nothing funny.... It's also weird!


j00r? Ye? What grammar and language is that? There's no reason to type like an AIM freak in a flash cartoon. I didn't even have time to read Tequila's review. And what the f**k is that head? Why?


The only thing that was good was the sound effects for the tide and the explosion. Everything else was just poorly put together. Why you use a picture of a head rather than an actual whole body an animated body I don't know. You really need to get some new material it's getting old realy fast. In fact it was never even good in the first place.