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16 Stars (B-Day Present)

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Warning, kinda graphic intensive, it'd right click and change my quality to low, other wise this may cause a shit load of lag. If not, sweet :3.

I put my blood, sweat and tears of this.
I lost sleep, sanity, got migraines. I counted 5 sessions of FURIOUS masturbation. To get this done in 3 days.

It's a sprite vid so if you don't like it. Then....do whatever you do to things you don't like.

This is a rushed 3 day Sprite video as a birthday present for a friend, it's 2 days late (well for NG 3) but the girl was luckily not mad <3. She loved it which made it all worth the loss of sleep because i wanted to complete it on that day each time. 2 Days of animating, 1 day of massive sound researching, editing, and adding.
Love it or hate it, i hate you anyway.
Vote whatever you find suitable, it's your right to have a different opinion.

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Omg you're amazing.

Well done bruv. I'm loving this animation bro. Well done with that shit. And I'm sure Tiffany loved her present. : )

that was good

loved the effects n all

why the hell is the score so low O_o

ifureadthisdie responds:

Someone zero bombed this and all of my other flashes.

Nice animation but,

Although I think that your method of preventing decompiling is pretty nifty, I don't get why so many spriters rage when a sprite, effect or sound is ripped from their movie.
I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not for decompilers but it just seems a bit silly.
You didn't even make any of it, you just slapped it together and tweened it!
(If you did make the stuff then I apologize.)
If it were decompiling a drawing or a hand-made background/effect it would be a big deal.

Besides that, you have some nice sprite animating abilities, and I can't hate on a decent sprite movie.

Well done

-The Bodge

ifureadthisdie responds:

There are a lot of custom sprites, massively edited sounds, and completely original sounds and effects in there. That's what I'm trying to protect. I wouldn't try to protect what i didn't make at all and it can be found like i found it. It's what i DO make that i don't want stolen.

Really good

Nice animation, somethings are alittle odd but who gives a shit.

3.01 / 5.00 (+ 0.027)

YAY, I made this a 3 instead of a 2.


5 sessions of FURIOUS FAPPING.