Kung Fu Attack

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Goblin Tosser 5 Points

Use the throw move ten times in the game

Juggler 10 Points

Juggle Enemy 10 x in one combo

Goal Miser 25 Points

Complete at least 10 goals

All Powers Full 50 Points

Master All 5 Kun Fu Powers

For the win 50 Points

Beat the boss! YOU CAN DO IT!

Author Comments

Colorful, quick paced action arcade game where you must race an ever rising slime flood while pounding the faces of a Goblin army!

Over 27 goals to meet to bring your closer to a fully realized Kung Fu Master! 5 special moves to learn as you advance, and tons of fun combos to master!

WASD or Arrows to move.
XC for jump and attack OR use JK if you so inclined.
Be sure to watch this video for some more advanced moves!
<a href='http://www.youtube.
com/wa tch?v=R-gWaG2mq3s'>VIDEO<

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At least game that have some standard about difficulty. Not too easy, you can lose. But not too hard after few tries you can get the goal.

Great Retro Style Game

I came across this game a while ago, added it to my favorites (even though I didn't get past the third level). Now, maybe a year or so later, I decided to play it all the way through, and much like Blasting Agent (something else made by Robert Lupinek) there are some great gameplay elements, and some frustrating gameplay and level design aspects that hold it back from being an amazing game.

The controls work as well as they should. I recommend using the arrow keys and the X and C keys. X to jump, C to attack. The attacks felt a bit slow, but I guess that was intentional to give you motivation to buy the kung fu powers. All of them worked well, though the ones I recommend for beating the game are the Shadow kick, the Double jump, and the Chi Beam. The only problem with the Chi Beam is that you need good timing to use it properly. The only move that I don't really like is the flip kick, as it's really awkward and is less efficient for wall scaling than the regular air kick.

The whole game is sprited, and it looks great. The music is pretty cool too, I wouldn't hum it to myself when I'm bored, but it gets the job done and that's all I can really ask for from good music. The animations are all very smooth and the game only uses non sprited effects when necessary.

Finally we have the gameplay, this can be broken up into a few parts. First up is the combat, it feels smooth, you can easily beat your enemies, but it feels like enemies can still hit you even if you are hitting them all at once. Then we have platforming, it works moderately well, you pretty much need to wall kick if you want to get through the game. This part is okay in the beginning, but then as soon as you reach level 3 it gets ridiculously hard due to those annoying spinning things. I cannot tell you how those things will constantly screw over your progress and cause you to not make speed or fall objectives, or just knock you into a pit or the slime (just wait till level 8 and you'll know what I mean).

Now I may have been a bit critical of this game, but it is an enjoyable one for the short time it will last, unless you're one of those people who has to collect all the medals in every game.


need help for medals

its much easy if you take Kung Fu Attack [Walkthrough Level 1-9] on youtube i just learn this game then beat it.but the video is 21 mins from pixel prospector.com

Juggler Medal?

How do you get it? ; (


Very Retro i love the intro cutscene. The character design was very unique, reminded me of the monkey king. First off i'd lik to say i enjoyed this game very much. I noticed that in other reviews people have bashed the control system i found it fairly innovative; the fact that you can use arrows + xc or wasd + jk was a good dose of variety. The fact that you could get your skill points was also very generous, as most games do not provide such a function skill points are typically an one time use. Combos very easy to acquire. Camp by a spawn point for horde of goblins an jus hacky sack them; thought this was pretty funny when you're hackyin lik four at once! xD So yea combo's werent too much of a problem as long as u kept ur eye on stary goblins tryin to stab you mid combo. Goal Difficulty was very fair. If you couldnt do all the goals on one run-through because of time limits or kill limit requirements you could go back very well done! :)

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3.84 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2010
1:33 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop