It's Complicated-EP.1

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The first animation in a hopefully ongoing series!...

Boo and Zan move into... err... run into their new house and begin remodeling, but Zan's stupidity and low intelligence level prove to be an obstacle TT^TT.

Made entirely by Boo and Zan. All sound effects as well.

hope ya like it!

it is meant to look crappy on purpose... I can draw better than this :D

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More Laughs Than a Barrel of Monkeyz.....with HIV

Proof that you don't need 133t worthy flash skills to make a great flash animation. Great job!

ZanMiller responds:

indeed! just laziness and spare time :P

i like the voises

its ok, i think its utter shit
but i like it

How the hell do I submit a #@$%ing comment!?

JK, this is Boo, everyone likes our stuff YAY!!! ^^
.... and I have to keep writing stuff to post this review... I have to agree with something, vote and write a certain amount... This is kinda annoying >>

ZanMiller responds:

hooray! we iz successfool!?
I cant believe (its not butter!) so many people actually like it and dont think its utter shit! ... not that it is

lol yess... you have to sign your soul over to post a review! O.o


hilarious! i loved it and so did my younger brothers, they was laughing from the first second till the end..and so was i. Very funny, and personally, i like how crappy the drawings look, it kind of fits with zan and boos crazy life. Good job to both of you i loved it!

ZanMiller responds:

Awesome! Im glad you all liked it! :D thanks

"I can draw better than this"???

Okay, so I went to your Deviant Art page and it's ALL random stick figures. Then I looked at the DA page for RedWalls666 and it's all heartfelt pictures of Nicarauga, guilty mice-women with innocent faces, and some pretty professional looking art.
Maybe.. um.. you should divvy up the work a bit more; just like with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby... one of you can do the writing and the voice of Zan, and the one with artistic talent can do the drawing and the voice of Boo. Up to you guys, I guess. :)

ZanMiller responds:

hahaha yeah... some of my older stuff is... well pretty crappy. I have a total kick ass animation in the works that shows the true limitations of my animating power... and as for RedWalls... well... I just do what she says :P we work WITH each other tho...

thanks for the review btw!

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4.62 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2010
4:50 PM EDT
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