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The humans are dead

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I beat extinction 5 Points

Win a game under any difficult

I can speak Robot 5 Points

See all the tutorial tips from "Learn as you play"

Give me the expansion deck 10 Points

Collect all evolution cards within the same game

Hiveminds 10 Points

Win a 2 Player game on hard difficulty with the Hiveminds lineage

Keepers 10 Points

Win a 2 Player game on hard difficulty with the Keepers lineage

Massive Damage 10 Points

Upgrade your Combat to level 15

Scibots 10 Points

Win a 2 Player game on hard difficulty with the Scibots lineage

Teleportation 10 Points

Upgrade your Speed to 30

War Machines 10 Points

Win a 2 Player game on hard difficulty with the War Machines lineage

Way of Peace 10 Points

Win the game under any difficulty by activating all resources

Each robot for himself 25 Points

Win a 4 Player game on hard difficulty

Can you decipher it? 50 Points


Evolution Rush 100 Points

Win a 2 Player game on hard difficulty in less than 30 turns

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Update to latest flash player AND browser version if you run into any problems.

This is my second game ever and my second submission to newgrounds. Hope you enjoy it : )

Note: This game has lots of medals, but they are still under approval by administrators. Check back later!

The humans are dead is an actual board game, similar to War, Catan, Kingsburg and other board games where players have to make meaningful decisions in order to beat their opponents.

Players can produce and find resources to advance their civilization, build walls to protect their territory, strategically place robots to defend key locations, and collect Evolution cards that can contain any results, such as benefiting from Philosophy, Transportation systems, or some other cards that while humorous, can be not that useful.

Watch your robot civilization evolve from its beginnings or fall into extinction.

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The music is just an "elevator music" instrumental-only version of the Violent Femmes song Blister in the Sun. If you're thinking the music sounded familiar but couldn't quite place it, that's the exact song. Go ahead and look it up on youtube if you're unfamiliar with that song. I'm right.

Shame credit was not given anywhere I can find. And, no, the person who was credited with the music in-game is not the Violent Femmes but good job making an "elevator music" version of their song without crediting them I guess, lol. I hope you had permission to cover their song.

As for the game itself, the graphics are nice but the gameplay is boring and just too random.

Also I'm kind of surprised no one else figured out the song was not original and which song it was a cover of.

I really liked this game. Reasons are as follows...

1- As stated by the author: It's a BOARD game made into bits. If you dislike board games in the first place, don't expect this one to please you. I like board games.

2- As the game is simple enough, it will only be hard to get a grasp IF YOU CAN'T READ AND IF YOU CAN'T YOU SHOULDN'T BE PLAYING AROUND. Instructions are pretty forward and clear - unlike most board games (seriously, have you guys ever read the entire rules of Monopoly?)

3- The game is somewhat balanced after some time, because the bonuses are not proportional and the discounts/charges for every robot kind orient a style of gameplay that can be more or less effective against certain opponents.

4- The A.I is okay, I guess. It's not very hard to beat the computer, even on hard. Keepers are great to win with resources, and War Machines are great rushers.

Overall, it's a great game and has replayability as expected for being a board game like.

Boring and hard to figure out.

i enjoyed it some more explanation on the battle system early on would've been helpful. the idea would make for a good printed board game and multiplayer would've rocked but the game as it is has a good lore in it entertaining mechanics and great replayablity.

A game with a somewhat awkward tutorial level that deserves a slight polish. First time playing, some hints will come a bit late, but a sense of strategy is quickly gained and the game soon becomes what it's trying to be: a part resource part unit warfare turn base strategy game. offense and defense are equally viable as a strategy for succes, making the player choose carefully their road to succes depending not only on the faction choosen but also the way the game plays out. a random factor of rogue enemies spawn every so often to harras either both players if they are on equal footing or the winning player based on whom has the most resources active.
The UI is straight forward and easy to understand and handle, though i did run into a slight problem of not being able to select one of my units if i had a nearby unit already selected.
while the game gives you several resources to spend there is little variation on what you can spend it on. two out of four resources are only spendable on a single purpose whilst the other two seem to always run out too fast, although i wound not necessarily call this a flaw with the game and makes for tough decisions.
the units deployed in this game are only of a single kind, but their strength and movement speed are upgradable throughout the entirety of the match having a defensive mode(removing mobility but enhancing strength dependand on location) makes these units versatile enough to make the game engaging for the strategic mind.

overal i really enjoy this game. i've played just a few matches, but i expact i will play a whole lot more.

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3.76 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2010
12:00 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place October 8, 2010