The Day (Gregory Weir)

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It's Tia's birthday, and she's looking forward to beating all of her friends with the new card her dad gave her! Beat the other kids by choosing the right cards, and earn more cards until you're the best of them all!

And don't go into the woods, or the guards will kill you.

Arrow Keys: Move
X: Talk, examine certain things


there needs to be a WASD key to walk but good game anyways

Oh. My. God. The labaratory like area is so creepy. Dead bodies, the com chatter, not to mention the broken laser drone outside. But altogether, this game is very good.

That was....eerie.
After i beat everyone in the camp, i went outside the woods. It definitely built pressure aand kept me on the edge of my seat with the music.

This was an excellent, yet short game. I love how, at first, it seems like it's going to be about traveling the world while battling cards, but then it ends up being a lot bleaker and deeper than that.

It is quite a bit introspective, especially when you consider how short the game is. I found it very strange that I managed to beat the game without leaving the village, even though I had already known that I could leave... then I tried leaving, and that's when things got interesting.

This concept of a game with two goals that are completely independent of each other, but are indirectly related through images and references to one another, one of which is achieved by doing what you're told, and another one of which is achieved by rebelling, is pretty cool, and I like how the game suddenly turns from lovely and happy into quite somber and upsetting.

In what concerns the "direct gameplay" of the "happy" side of the game, I think the card game concept is really interesting. Cards having a certain power level, and some special abilities, and the card battles have the potential to be very cool and fun. Of course, there are very few such battles, and you kinda have to beat them in a very specific order, but discovering that order and how to beat each opponent in turn is kind of fun, however easy and quick.

I only wish the game was a bit longer, you know. Maybe with more things to discover and crazier, scarier events taking place.

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If you go into a pathway and find a hole in the fence, go north then east until you get into a lab. Navigate your way out and you see something very... weird...

I really enjoyed this game, it's fun to strategize (hint, if you tie a lot use your sniper) and also easy to pick up. Nice and enjoyable, and also the two endings are very nice.

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4.02 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2010
3:41 PM EDT
Adventure - Other
  • Daily 4th Place October 7, 2010