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First Flash Walk Cycle

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This was just a quick little key-frame project I did in a few hours to get used to using Flash. I haven't animated in over a year, and before that I really hadn't animated much at all either. I submitted this because, well... it's all I have to show for now, and I'd like to start getting involved and contributing to this awesome community of... er... Flashers? No, that doesn't sound right. Anyway, comments/critiques are very welcome! I'm here to learn, share, and get better, so let me have it. :)

p.s. I hope this isn't considered pointless... if anything, it's a semi-decent walk cycle... I hope. :/ but, live and learn. Please don't delete my account if it is. I'll re-upload it and make it better if that's the case.


Not a bad animation but...

The cycle doesn't look even bad. It's really well done and fluent. Though the thing is, I myself find this useless. I can't really make something out of this and there is nothing happening.

I would suggest to make a short or movie now, after getting used more to animating in flash. Just don't post a lot of unfinished flash to see if people like it. Just take your time and when it's done, post it here.

BTW, your account doesn't get deleted when a flash gets blammed. ;)

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Nice work...

Love the little head and shoulder bob you have worked into it as a lot of people focus just on leg movement.

Great walk cycle... as a somthing to submit to the portal it is a bit unfinished. Could use a moving background and some action. I know the point of this is not as a full flash animation, more to show how you work grows. I'd just not post all stages without making part of something more entertaining, people can be a little harsh about stuff like this.

Will be checking back to see if you flesh it out a little :D

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MikeE462 responds:

Thank You! I'll work on this a little more to try to make it more interesting. I Just borrowed a buddies tablet, so I'll play around with it and see what I come up with :)


im giving u a perfect score for no particular reason

ur cycle looks good but doesnt hold as an entry, keep this stuff to yourselve, out of the portal, please

MikeE462 responds:

point taken... I'll be re-uploading this soon once I add in more entertainment value. Thanks for your honesty! :)


not bad
th animation is smooth the the art is somewhat great too

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MikeE462 responds:

I like 'not bad', Thank you! More to come. :)

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1.96 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2010
5:42 AM EDT