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Blood Wars: Vedroid's

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- Lightsaber

- Fireball

- 4 types of combo attacks.


- Hellmode (hellish flames)

- Saw (ranting and raving)

- Striking bomb (never misses)

- Freeze (freezes even an elephant).


- original stylish sound and sfx

- awesome effects

- massive bombing strikes and flames that turn all living and non-living to ashes.

Easy to jump in and fun to play. Enjoy ;)

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Fun but could use polish

I've sadly played more then enough games of that type so I couldn't supress a little *yawn* when I found out this was another one. But as far as I can say your's has been one of the better ones. :)

Doesn't mean it couln't use some more polish:

I really missed a fun reward for kiliing multiple enemies in one hit. Display the kill count, play some "Momomonsterkillll!" sound or give a score bonus. (I realize the score multiplayer is supposed to do that but changes in the fractional part of a number seem not very thrilling! ;)

Also, I found the upgrade selection screen pretty confusing and never really figured out some of the powerups: Like the satanic rune thingy.

Lastly I might not have played long enough to reach different enemy-types but I guess a bug infestation is the most boring army of foes I can imagine. No offense meant but that mix of Starship Troopers with Starwars just doesn't work for me.

I thought this was badass

I love using a lightsaber. i felt like i was yoda battling in star wars. very fun game to play.


Terrible time moving around as my character stood still and took hits.
Could be better developed if it was faster pace and more of a storyline though


definitley could use some work. there were some times where i clicked & didnt attack until a few seconds later, or sometimes not at all. Otherwise, though, It's okay.