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UPDATE: Now the medals are worth 0 points again, this issue will not be solved, I'm sorry!
EDIT: wow Daily 2nd Place!!, Thanks to all!!
EDIT: now everything works, thanks Mike!
EDIT: the medals work, but must be approved!
Excuse my English in this flash!
In this new version there are also much more information and instructions to put the medals in your games!

Daily 2nd Place!!!!!
FRONT PAGE?! thanks!!!!!
This flash made me earn $54, woooooooooo!
500 people a year added as a favorite, thanks to all!!

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Well this was kind of cool, I really like what you did here with the "MUSIC" the design and interface was cool and really worked well, but this was a nice game it was slick and a nice detailed piece of game here and hope you make more sometime, anyways nice game.

none as this was a solid game


First of all, to the people below me, let me (possibly) help you. I was having some issues with this loading at first, so maybe try opening it with a different browser. For me, it stopped loading at around 70%, but I reloaded the page and it went through all the way. I have to do that sometimes. Another thing: This game is not a game WITH medals, as already pointed out by someone else. This is a game ABOUT medals; what games have them, how to add them to your own game, etc etc.

My only issue with this is that I clicked on the link "NG official medals" and it brought me to a page that "no longer exists". I don't know what that's about, but that's kind of the whole reason I came here. Anyways, this program (mostly) fulfills its purpose. Extra half star for music selection. :)

download stops at ~80 percent( WTF?

THERE ARE NO MEDALS IN THIS GAME!!! And, for an Umbreon, I wasn't as pissed off as my brother.

Ignoranimus below - cannot ignore ignorance... The lack of medals doesn't matter. It's not the point of this flash. The point is mainly to inform you on medal information such as what games have them and how to include them in your game. Which it does. Yes, working medals would be nice, but it'd be too easy anyway. You don't want to at least TRY to EARN your medals?

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3.94 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2010
7:52 AM EDT