Ninja Katana

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Alchemist 10 Points

You are a master of Jutsu Techniques

Awesomeness 10 Points

You are fully capable of Awesome Combos

Cold-Blooded Killer 10 Points

You have mastered the Art of Multi-hit Combos

Combo Greatness 10 Points

Your Slicing skills are up to par with the greatest

Environmentalist 10 Points

You use your surroundings wisely

Machinist 10 Points

You used the stage traps to your advantage

Outstanding Moves 10 Points

You can kill things with style. Bravo.

Weapons Aficionado 10 Points

You collect anything with a sharp, murderous edge

Completionist 25 Points

You get sh*t done.

Author Comments

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I've been working on this game for a good while now. It started as an RPG concept that was influenced by the latest Final Fantasy, but I later decided to add more fighting mechanics to the game (I was thinking of DMC when I added the "Air Combos").

As you'll see in the game, there are plenty of upgrades for your character, Marseilles, to get his hands on. This will give you plenty of variety when taking out your enemies... The combos are free-flowing, meaning you, the user, can create your own, which will score you more points, which you can buy better stuff with. There are level-restart codes, so don't worry if you have to come back to play the last level you were on.

Well, enjoy the game and I'm looking forward to any comments or suggestions! Thanks for playing!

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the bosses health is backwards :p

The one thing that got me into this game was the music; it's absolutely amazing, and it got me REALLY pumped!
However, even though the gameplay was relatively smooth and fun, it slowly became dull. Sure, there were new enemies and such, but they were all a bit too easy to defeat. I got through the entire game using the Force thingy.
Furthermore, gaining Ki points was a joke. All I did was just unleash some crazy combos by flipping them in the air and spamming the Machine Gun.
I played this when it first came out, and I still like to play it just so I can listen to the music. I look forward to playing more games from you, but this time, try to make the game a bit more difficult and make it so that the player actually has to strategize their techniques.

juegos buenisimo tio

Decent game, but it has a lot of issues.

The "Firearms Collector" medal is broken. It only works in-game, not on NG.

Most items and moves are redundant. Lightning orb is overpowered. Lightning orb cost should be 5.000-8.000 or even 10.000. The last boss can be stun-locked by lightning orb, and it does 30 damage to him each time you use it.

Launching slash is overpowered as well. Holding space gives you endless combos, the opponent never lands. Since 20hit combo (Killer Combo) is the limit for Ki points, there's no point in going any further unless you want to be a high-score whore.

The controls are sketchy and combos don't always launch. A game that caters to combos and keyboard mashing, but then stops combos when you do so is a bit weird. Many more combos would've been welcome, perhaps an extra attack, equivalent to the S key to make it happen. Arrow keys + A S D would've been a better layout.

The opponents are reacting too slow. Even with the controls as they are, the opponents hesitate too long before attacking. I doubt that you'll address the problems I mentioned, but if you decide to fix the controls to make them more fluent, and add some movement instead of static attacks only, then the computer reflexes should be even better than just a little improved.

The music got repetitive. Compressing the music a bit more and adding 1-2 or more extra sound tracks would've been welcome

The idea of needing certain moves to proceed is cool, the way it is executed is not. Having a move for the sake of having it is pointless. if you had made some opponents that for an example couldn't be hurt unless you power-attack. Or aerial drones that fire upon you from above which makes it impossible to win without the aerial combos, it would've been cool.

Progression besides that was cool. You felt the enemies you meet at earlier levels become weaker compared to you and the later enemies.

As you can see I haven't given you that bad a score in spite of these issues. The reason is simple, I enjoyed the game. That has a lot of value!

With the things I mentioned in order, if you should decide to make a sequel, this would be a solid 5!

Good ninja game, but the code system really is very bad! You can do the level again, but all items are gone, you have only 1k points, so i lost all weapons and armour!That's why you lost 1 star.
The 0.5 star loss is due a bug that i had -45 hp, and had to restart, and then i encounterd the save system failure. Improve, i was enjoying it until that happend!

Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2010
4:58 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler