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Avoid This!

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Author Comments

One of my first games so it's kind of bare bones (read: crap).
Arrows to move your critter about, space to retry when you die, m to mute, q for quality, r to go back to main menu (there will be a test on this mid-game so memorise it, backwards, and in Russian).
It says 'For Kongregate Only' but it lies, I was trying to make it look more official :P I could change it but I don't have some of the fonts any more so it'll be published with new fonts that might even be legible... imagine that.
Also, find the cookie if you can.
Last thing, if you don't like the music, you're not my friend any more :(

Small update... I just broke the 50 Cent barrier with Mochimedia, 685 more years of this rate and I'll be a millionaire :D

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A very good game for the first time, simple but challenging and pretty fun too.
Music fits well, a bit loud but we can just turn our volumes down :P
A little sensitive on collision checks though.

beastialpride responds:

I thought if I like the music and you do, then why not your neighbours? But in seriousness I don't have software to alter volumes and the music is much loader than the other sound effects, if I turned them all down any lower you wouldn't hear the buttons 'click' where would we all be then? I suppose I could put code to reduce it but it all got complicated when it came to the mute button but you don't need to know about that.
Anyway thanks for commenting.


Yo dawg boy you gotta avoid the black, dis game is racist yo!

No, but seriously this is really cool for a first game

beastialpride responds:

Thanks for your comment, "avoid anything black" lol when read like that it does seem iffy. Then again, I do follow that advice when it comes to many things e.g. yoghurt, bread, toe nails... the list goes on (but not to humans).

not too bad for your first one

bit simple but nice design and music is kinda cool.... slight bit of racial intent tho? lol
"you are the white square, avoid anything black" lol
nice game, keep it up.

beastialpride responds:

Not quite first game but close enough, I forgot to put the disclaimer on this one about it not meaning to be racist but I thought better of you lot to think like that... shame on you