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Abandoned 3

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I tried to make this game have a very dark fell. I think it does.

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Tools and the beautiful mallets are visible for picking up. However, I couldn't find the last (pink) mallet until I watched the walk through. It's hidden in a drawers room where a silver is found. Check the bottom leftmost jammed one.

Puzzles require some thinking to solve. Jotting clues and tasks on a piece of paper will help.

I don't like the raining sound effect, it's too noisy and distracting.

What Happened?

the first 2 were great and followed a story, i thought this would be a 3rd installation.. it had no story and no scary moments. as a stand alone game it was pretty dull, there was nothing to excite me. i hope the 4th edition carrys on the story with the grapics of the second game and the atmospere. not to sound a hater tho! the first 2 were Amazing

Just as I like it...well...almost.

Though the game really has quite a creepy atmosphere,the map could have been slightly more detailed (of course you can see where you are and which ways you have to take,but still,it should at last show you in what kind of room you currently are).

Also,I found the music to be slightly..unfitting. Though one can naturally turn it off,
it sounded more like some kind of funeral march than something fitting to this old haunted ruin.

Besides of these things however, I liked this game quite a lot - hopefully we'll see an Abandoned 4 in some time.


A very cool game! It was pretty creepy, too.