Xrell II:Mullet Attack

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Xrell is a cop (See the first Xrell movie "Xrell the undercover cop") A ggod one at that and hates mullets



Xrell rules.

But honestly, I have to wonder....why does he always have shit oozing out of his face, and why does it never fall off?

what in the hell were you thinking?

honestly the intro had next to nothing to do with the cartoon and the guys mullet had nothing to do with why the green guy should have hated him. he should have hated him for being a whiney mooching redneck piece of shit. the mullet made things worse no question but honestly did you put any thought at all into this? i demand you set fire to your computer immediately

what a shame...

that could've been REALLY kool if it had a better punch line and the guy killed the mullet dude!
i thought it was a bit short. It coulda been better.

starting to see some promise

well I thought I would go through and check out your other movies as you suggested. And yes so far this one is better. A flat on the comdey (assuming it was one) and a little short. I think as you experience more of life you might actually be able to make a movie that you can realte to. Then it will be a lot better, right now it just falls short. Keep it up I think you can do better!

Nice voice acting

Most stick figure movies had bad voice acting, or none at all. I liked the drunk dude. (What'd you call me...) I expected to see someone/thing die though from the title, and the intro.

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3.58 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2002
2:03 AM EDT
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