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Pong and Space Invaders had a baby, and it's callled ReflexION.

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Decent. This is very well polished and pleasant to look at but the gameplay had so many things that threw me off. First is the lack of variety with enemies - most you could reflect straight up to defeat. Many of the ones that sidled side to side were too easy to defeat as well; the balls I just reflected slowly, and they literally walked into the reflected bullets. The normal enemies that turned simply vanished and were no longer a threat after they turned sideways.

By far the most annoying thing about the game is that I could never really get used to how far up the map I could travel. Frequently my shots were sabotaged because of that damned limit. Please just draw a line over it or something. The game as a whole is too long and too easy - I didn't get a game over once, and I never even figured out how to use the bomb or the 'special' mode. However, the levels were frequently too long and monotonous.

Overall it's a very pretty game. The menu and game look very well done and the effects are nice too. It's just too bad that the game isn't challenging or as fresh as it was meant to be.

Pong and ikaruga had a baby

And its reflexION!
awesome game and reminded me of ikaruga when switching colors,
its a very good game and havent beaten it yet.
yet this is incredibly awesome,
yet there are too little levels
but the horribly hard levels (in the good way) compensated it


pong: ultimate defence
9.5/10, final bosses need to be absurdly hard...though I guess it technically isn't the final boss if there's still viruses..
*waits for hopeful continuation*


Good game, the story was interesting, if a little apart from the story. I particularly enjoyed the "ripple" effect that the bullets gave off. Both calming and intense. Good work!


This game its really well done Congrats