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Dorian Gray is rapidly getting old.
He must find 5 keys to stop ageing.
Otherwise he will die.



I was expecting something based on the story by Oscar Wilde, an actual adventure, mystery, or something that took a little more development than a bunch of puzzles involving different keys. WTF? Then you choose the Maple Leaf Rag as your game-music? Lame!!!

Short and sweet

I really like what you did here! It occupied me while I was sick which is more than can be said to a lot of games :| Wish it was a little bit longer though. Maybe you can expand on this idea into another different gameplay aspect :D

I also noticed this will be an episodically released game. I advise against over doing this concept because people will get bored of the same gameplay as we have seen in the past with cooking games.

Anyways, after honing my skills, I really liked this game and got well enough to achieve this highscore (http://img529.imageshack.us/f/dgrevi ew.jpg/).

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I beat it yay

Luckily enough it is memorization for the right key. the hardest part was the key puzzle. I just kept clicking B and C until I got it right for the first one.
You win Dorian gray is alive! I guess I should be happy that I gave him a normal life instead of him aging to death. I won with him in college woohoo.

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nice job

i dont really care for the music, but i think the choice of subject matter is great! such a good book (if you can make it through the first chapter).

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Great game.

That's it. Great game, good idea.

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3.39 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2010
9:47 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other