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Jabberwocky, The Shepherd

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This is a puzzle platformer, where you control Jabberwocky, a little monster with the task to shepherd slimes.
Guide the slime home by placing obstacles, building or destroying the road.
Be tricky and smart, don't let them get hurt!

UP ARROW: jump
or WASD keys.

R: restart level

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I could not get past the 3rd level (because i am bad at this) but still super! =D


I like this, the graphics are a perfect mix of cute and creepy.
Maybe the controls could use some improvement but I didn't even think of that until I read some of the other comments because I enjoyed watching it so much.
The difficulty was at the right level too, I didn't get bored and I didn't smash my keyboard either.
Overall a sweet game.

Impossible at Level 19

I'm sorry, but the controls are just way too sticky to be able to complete the level. Jabberwocky refuses to stop when I take my fingers off the keys, and refuses to jump until two seconds after I told it to, making him jump too late to go where I want him to go.

Because of this, I have deemed the game "unbeatable." I'm sorry, but you get no stars for a game that's impossible to control properly.


Jabberwocky too me is a story that Vincent Price read, about a monster how did scare the people oe a village. Soo.. this game did surprise me, but not in a bad way. This game is both cute and odd and you can't stop playing it :)

Good game.

It might be needing some improvements though.

Gameplay ~
I really liked to format. I liked the idea of the slimes and the Jabberwocky. However, the controls are quite sticky and it often made it hard to play sometimes. I found myself restarting a fair amount of levels because of this. Other than that the whole idea and carry out really blew me away.


It has been said already. I feel like while playing this game I'm re-playing World Of Goo. Which is a fantastic game. You managed to make the art give it a very cosy feeling and at the same time made me feel like I was playing one of my all time best games again.


The music sounds sort of caveman like and when put infront of slimy things and a Jabberwocky I don't really feel like it made sense. It is great style of music to go with a game but in my heart I didn't really feel it fitting in.


Overall~ It's a great game and I really enjoyed playing it. Of course my only problems are the sticky controls and the music but that's just me.

Well done. 9/10 5/5.