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Earl Grey

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There's a package that must be delivered, and Rupert the Deliveryman delivers any package directly to its owner. But the mansion of Earl Grey is not a usual mansion: it has mysteries, puzzles, and ghosts. Best of all, it has a pair of glasses which allows Rupert to see supernatural things!
Rupert will do anything to deliver his package directly to Earl Grey, but what will he do to find the Earl? How does he solve his puzzles? It's up to you to guide this Rupert guy to finish his task!
Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy is a classic point-and-click adventure.

Click on anywhere you want Rupert to go.
Click on object of interest to have Rupert interact with the object.
To use an item on your Inventory, click on the inventory item, then click on object of interest you want to use it on.
Consult your journal if you need hints on what to do next!

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earl grey

It's a pretty decent game, but I would've liked it more if all my work wasn't for naught. The achievement section of the journal does add some replay value, but beyond playing twice for achievements I don't think the game has any other replay factors. I did enjoy it while it lasted, but once you figure out the glasses mechanic it's a pretty short game.

Good graphics, good game. But the ending was kind of unsatisfying. Also, when Rupert gets stuck in a place, just click somewhere on the floor where he can make a straight path out. For example, if he's stuck in between the two statues on the second floor, try clicking on the floor directly in front of his feet, so that he goes straight down and out from between the statues.

Very nice, however...

Where the hell do you find explosives when you need to open the Earl's door?!javascript:submission_controlle r.GetReviewController().SaveReview();

It's glitchy, but...

...I still love it. A much longer game of the same type would be absolutely awesome. I love the graphics, the music, basically everything but length and glitches. Oh, and it sort of reminds me of Problem Sleuth. You know:
>Use Key
What key? I'm pretty sure all you ever had was a bazooka.
>Fire bazooka
Bazooka? All you have in your hand is a shiny bronze key.
The itemswitches reminded me of that :3