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WGJ4K: Mickey's Rebuttal

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Mickey is forced to confront the one group of people he hates more than anyone else in the world: His fans!

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This is really funny stuff! Gives me flashbacks to a much better time...

Mickey's reactions to the fan art was one of the funniest parts! That's exactly how I feel when I look at art on the internet. Fan art these days is pretty much the same as it was 10 years ago, except now 50% of it is anime and furry smut. *sigh...*

Welp, see y'all in another 10 years when we live in a more hopelessly dystopian America! :D

I love this

hahahahahahahaha soooo funny!

probably one of the best episodes of wgj4k yet.this is ma favoritest of the bunch.

when Mickey showed his ankle bracelet the first time he had hairy legs but when he took his pants off his legs weren't hairy