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Balloon Blenderoma

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Upgrade your machines propellers, jet engine, tank treads, and various other mechanics as you work your way to the end of the runway.

Pop balloons that are thrown out of the wood chipper with your propeller to earn money.

Saves players upgrades and scores for returning players.

Finish the game in as little days as possible.


very nice game to kill some time on. overall doesnt have too much replay value but its still fun. btw sooper if you just burn off the boosters all at once then they wont take you as far. it is possible to reach the end of the runway you just need to get a launch at or close to high and stretch out the fuel for your boosters for the entire trip.

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First, i like your spin on the game. Its original and fun. The graphics arent terrible, and the night day is a cool touch. However, there is no destination. The whole point is to beet the game in as few days as possible, but i maxed out everything and still could not get to the end of the runway. Also, acheivements would be really cool too. I think you could do a lot more in maybe an update. Musics fine, i didn't mute it.
also, i think the power ups need to be more balanced. Like the propeller. The last two upgrades made almost no difference. Just follow sequel 101. Keep the good, scrap the bad, add new elements.

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nice to play


I bought all the special attack upgrades, but they disappear after you use them. They refilled in the begining, but disappeared as you progressed. Good game overall

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Addicting, good game.

I found this game fun to play and upgrading my balloon blender thing to the top level. It had me amused for quite a while and I think, in general, its a very good game that people may like to play.

Although I found the game fun i had to suddenly stop playing, for there are no bonuses or aditional levels i could find. The game was too short and it was quite confusing at the start.

Overall I ould be happy if you make a second version of this game, with more levels, bonuses and guidlines ect, I will love to play it more often.



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3.38 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2010
10:53 AM EDT
Skill - Collect