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Milk Run

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Milk Run, help derek the milkman do his milk rounds.

What do you guys think of this one?

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Please stop regurgitating crap

this game exists, and if you MUST rip it off or the dozens like it please have the common sense to fix the fact that the tires are held on with silly string and dont stay under the truck

eah it was a good game but...

nice concept but i dont know how long you tested this game..the truck it self is odd weight ratio wise without any jugs you could do flips and wheelies with it was too powerful also what really bothered me was that you could take 6 mins and not have any milk and still complete the lv


Nice game, but that's all it was...Nice.

Nothing new.

Its a good idea and not to badly made, except for the tires. The don't drag behind the truck. That and the trucks power has to be fixed.

Nothing new, but fine

I am sorry, but I see just another "balance your truck, do not lose cargo" game, there is like a dozen or so already around the site. There's nothing I haven't seen already, and often done better.
- the levels are not difficult enough, don't be afraid to do more jumps, levels are easy
- give truck more power and flexibility to balance
- you need upgrades - everyone on newgrounds just loooooves upgrades :-)
- include some success criteria on in-game screen - is one bottle enough? I never knew.
On the other hand, the execution is decent and it shows that significant effort was given to this. It's definitely above the average!