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Tornado Ranch

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Grow stronger by obtaining bigger tornado's.

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good game

Seen this mechanic before...Feeding frenzy..and osmos..are kinda like this game...


I expected it to be boring, but it's actually pretty fun. The only thing that's odd, is that bigger AI tornados chase you, but the big AI tornados dont chase after other , smaller AI tornadoes like they do at you.


It's a simple enough game, and the concept of eating smaller things, while old, is still fun. But it misses the mark for me for a few reasons:

First, it takes just a little too long to get to a higher level of destruction. There's just not enough to consume to keep me entertained in the time it takes me to go up a rank.

Second, the mine clouds add nothing to gameplay. They only provide a constant annoyance and serve to remind you that no matter how powerful you get, you can always be destroyed. Simply having more tornadoes would be enough, I think.

Third, there's almost nothing to destroy, and what little there is, you have to wait until you're at full level before you can start having some real fun.

Great casual game

The objective : direct a tornado with the mouse and swallow smaller tornadoes while avoiding bigger ones (that are attracted towards you when you are close to them.) Once you reach the highest type of tornado, you can also swallow the trees, animals and buildings on the level.
Each area is constructed with ground/sea zones (a tornado cannot cross a water zone). Each level brings a new addition (a bonus or malus cloud, which can restore/remove life from your tornado, make it smaller, accelerate or decrease its speed)
The game is perfect as it is - nice and catchy music, increasing difficulty with elements added as the game progresses.


I like it but some of the buttons are glitchy. good idea for a game and its done brilliantly i think.